If buying a luxury sports car is on your bucket list, now is probably the time to make your dream come true. A Lamborghini Aventador can be purchased in Russia for a rock-bottom price. But be careful: with this “vehicle” everything is not as simple as it might seem at first sight.

The famous Lamborghini Aventador is on sale in the Russian city of Penza.

The “vehicle” is available for only 230,000 rubles ($4,000) and could be an ideal purchase for sports car fans, with the only one reservation: the car on sale is just a replica made of fiberglass, according to auto.mail.ru.

“A replica is on sale. Exactly the original size. The parts are made of fiberglass, you can jump on them and won’t leave dents or break them. The model goes with removable parts of the body and the cabin,” a Facebook post said.

Although the replica’s creator assures that he made an exact copy of the original model, the “vehicle” does not have any mechanical features, with a future customer having to install the engine and other parts.

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