Restrictions by neighbouring Israel and Egypt make it almost impossible to leave Gaza, as well as to visit it. That makes platforms like Instagram one of the only outlets to show images that don’t include rockets, rubble or power cuts.

Three wars and an economic blockade have led the UN to warn that the Gaza Strip is fast becoming “unliveable”.

But life continues even in dire conditions, and some young photographers in Gaza have taken matters into their own hands.

They’re turning to Instagram to show a side of daily life that’s often been overshadowed by conflict.

“I see Instagram as a window,” said Kholoud Nassar, 26, wearing a pink hijab and fiddling with a toy car that features in many of her pictures.

Gazans may not be able to leave the enclave without Israeli or Egyptian permission, but their photos can.

“When I open the internet I can talk to people across the world,” said Fatma Mosabah, 21.

The two women are among a small number of Instagram stars in the blockaded Palestinian, showing followers a different side of their homeland from what much of the world may be used to hearing or seeing.

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