A video clip of US First Lady Melania Trump appearing in oversized sunglasses next to her husband has got many wondering whether it’s really her.

She and the President were facing reporters ahead of visiting the US Secret Service training facility in Maryland in America.

Donald Trump often accuses the media of spreading fake news, but could it be he who has a fake FLOTUS for TV occasions?

As the always the internet has done its best to come up with an answer.

What certainly added fuel to the conspiracy fire, was Donald Trump feeling the need to point out: “My wife Melania, who happens to be right here”.

(As did her decision to not say anything or change expression).

It didn’t take long for people to start coming up with their theories.

“I initially didn’t notice,” wrote @JoeVargas, “but thought it was strange when he said “my wife Melania, she’s right here” to try & convince media it was her.”

Others on Twitter thought the President had gone as far as replacing his wife with a robot.

But Dave had other ideas.

Not everyone was sold on the artificial Melania idea however.

We can reveal the woman in question was neither a robot or stunt double.

It was the actual Melania Trump.

She took her glasses off.

“I had you for a second there!”

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