Fifty refugee-supporting organizations in the U.K. urged Home Office to reverse a policy that could send back refugees to their country of origin after a “safe return review”.

A letter signed by various NGOs and campaigners sent to Home Office Secretary Amber Rudd said the policy was “beyond basic morality”.

According to the latest guidelines by the Home Office, refugees who come to the end of their initial residence in the U.K. – generally a 5-year long stay – will have to take part in a “safe return review” to see whether their original reasons for seeking refugee status are still relevant.

The review will decide whether a refugee should stay in the U.K. or return to their home country when refugees already living in the country apply to stay permanently.

Black Lives Matter UK, the Northern Ireland Community of Refugees and Asylum Seekers, the Scottish Refugee Council, Migrant Voice, Space4U Cardiff, Manchester Migrant Solidarity and Calais Action were some of the organizations which signed the letter.

Current Home Office guidance says “all those who apply for settlement protection after completing the appropriate probationary period of limited leave will be subject to a safe return review with reference to the country situation at the date the application is considered”.

“Those who still need protection at that point will normally qualify for settlement.”

Campaigners argue that the review will affect negatively the hope of stability and integration of those who escaped persecution and sought refuge in the U.K.

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