A US appeals court on Thursday suspended proceedings over President Donald Trump’s travel ban on individuals from seven Muslim majority countries.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals made the announcement after Trump said he planned to issue a new travel ban next week. The US Justice Department, representing the administration, requested the stay in proceedings.

At a White House news conference on Thursday, Trump slammed the appeals court.

“The new order is going to be very much tailored to what I consider to be a very bad decision,” Trump said, adding: “We had a bad court.”

Trump gave no details about the replacement order.

The court said it would hold off on deciding whether to have a larger panel of judges reconsider a ruling that kept the original executive order on hold. The appeals court had upheld a temporary injunction earlier issued on the travel ban by a federal judge in Washington state.

Legal experts said a new directive would have a better chance of withstanding courtroom scrutiny if it covered some non-Muslim countries and exempted non-citizen immigrants living in the US legally.

The original order, issued on January 27, triggered chaos at some US and overseas airports, led to international protests, complaints from businesses and drew more than a dozen legal challenges.

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