A puppy that fell into a deep well 11 days ago in Istanbul has been rescued with the help of a high school robotics team.

The ownerless Kangal somehow managed to get stuck in a well measuring 70 meters deep and only 30 centimeters in diameter in the metropolis’ Beykoz district, on the Asian side.

Locals in the Dereseki neighborhood heard his cries of distress and helped keep him fed during the ordeal.

But on Tuesday, in a three-hour rescue operation, students from the local Bahcesehir Science and Technology High School managed to set him free using a special robotic arm.

The Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate and Beykoz Fire Station also pitched in to save the stranded pup, who emerged from the well healthy and happy to be back at ground level.

Ownerless no more, the newly lucky mutt has been adopted by the Beykoz firefighters.

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