Nikki Haley is far more than just the strong-minded US Ambassador to the United Nations, previously the Governor of South Carolina, a state-born daughter of two Sikh Indian immigrants has made quite a name for herself in the American political world, especially in terms of how America looks at India and its people.

While terrorism abounds, many politicians in the United States tend to side with the Democratic Party which wants to allow immigrants into the US with little vetting or the more right-minded Republicans and conservatives who aim to keep the border, while open, very tight. Haley, being a Sikh, has particular insight into how Muslims are perceived and how non-Muslims are viewed. This also gives her a rather neutral stance on the topic of immigration and the refugee crisis because there are not a lot of Sikh’s (a religion that originated in Punjab-present day state in India and Pakistan) in the American political landscape. This means that she is not beholden to any one group like atheists, Catholics, Muslims, etc. are.

Nikki Haley has recently come under fire for saying that America under president Trump will “remember the names of those who don’t have our back” according to a CNBC report. The point is, if the United Nations is so unhappy with the progress that is being made from Trump and this fight on terror, then why should America keep funding those nations that will not help? Haley suggests, among other things, the money could be more prudently used to help fight terror with those who will implement the Trump changes that will work. If nations wish to have it their way, then Haley advises them to find their own funding as America is funding what works instead.

A large portion of this likely stems from what she has seen in terms of terror from much of the Islamic world. Certainly, she has also seen times that Muslims lived side by side with others without malice or ill intent. She can tell the difference, and she is telling the difference to everyone that will listen.

Being a Sikh means that she is not motivated by political correctness or making her name more inflated. She is not looking for headlines, but rather, looking to save lives while still being kind to those who are in need. That does not entail bankrupting the nation or putting anyone at risk of terror. This is her message that she boldly takes to the world.

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