US counterintelligence agencies’ ongoing probe into Donald Trump adviser’s alleged links to Russia are one final Democratic broadside against the elected US President, political analyst Dmitry Mikheyev said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and Treasury Department have investigated the communications of General Michael Flynn, but it is unclear when the probe began, if it’s over and what results it produced, the Wall Street Journal wrote on Sunday, citing undisclosed sources.

In an interview, Moscow-based political analyst Dmitry Mikheyev described the probe as “one final broadside” fired by the US Democratic establishment against President Donald Trump.

The inquiry reportedly focused on the telephone call Flynn made to Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak on December 29, 2016, when the latter invited Flynn to participate in the peace talks on Syria in Astana.

Many US politicians fear that the two men discussed, among other things, US sanctions against Russia.

“These are the death throes of the leaders of the US intelligence community who are thus trying to keep their jobs ahead of a planned overhaul of their organizations promised by Trump,” Mikheyev said.

He added that because the probe had been started without Trump’s knowledge, he could cut it short.

“Besides, Trump can initiate a similar probe of Hillary Clinton who apparently has more skeletons in the cupboard than she would like the people to know about. The people who launched this probe have already discredited themselves with their open support for the Democratic presidential hopeful,” Mikheyev said.

He added that intelligence agencies could have compromising information about top officials, but they are not allowed to share this material with the media.

“It is a crime, these people are playing with fire,” Mikheyev noted.

“President Trump can end these petty intriguers by offering a new constructive plan. He can turn the tables and I think this is exactly what he is going to do. He just needs time.”

Flynn would not be the only member in Trump’s administration whose links to Russia have faced intense scrutiny.

Trump’s pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had to report in detail on his prospective policy regarding Russia at his confirmation hearing amid media questioning his ties to Moscow.

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