Russian businesses expect a balanced and unbiased approach from the United States, anticipating a change in Moscow-Washington ties, the head of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin said Sunday.

Shokhin stressed that the situation with Russian companies, investing in the US metallurgic, pipe industry improved following the overall changes in the market conditions, however “changes in the White House attitude from Washington the situation influence indirectly.”

“Change in relation of the White House toward Russia puts Russian companies on an equal footing, and it is good, there will not be a biased attitude. We definitely count on it… Balanced, coequal approach to business is already a step forward. I think it will be made,” Shokhin said.

US-Russian ties soured under Barack Obama after Washington introduced economic sanctions against Russia in 2014 over its alleged meddling in the Ukrainian conflict. US President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly called for better ties with Moscow in his campaign speeches.

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