Daesh terror group has claimed responsibility for the Reina nightclub attack that killed 39 innocent people and wounded 65 others in Istanbul during New Year’s celebrations.

An armed assailant opened fire at the popular nightclub in Istanbul on Saturday night and escaped afterwards. 24 of the attack’s victims were identified to be foreigners, 11 were Turkish citizens while four victims still remain to be identified, officials said later on Sunday.

Seven Saudi Arabian, two Indian, one Canadian, one Syrian, one Israeli, two Morrocan, one Lebanese, one Belgian and four Iraqi nationals were killed, according to latest statements.

The interior minister Süleyman Soylu said that 65 people are in hospitals, receiving treatment, and added that “4 of those injured are in a critical condition. One of them is severely injured,”.

Turkish police forces continue with the manhunt for the assailant, who is yet to be unidentified.

Previous reports had suggested that the assailant was dressed in a Santa Claus costume, however, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım dismissed the claims.

The attack came only three weeks after the twin bombings by the PKK terrorist organization in Istanbul’s Beşiktaş district, which killed 45 people, mostly on duty police officers.

Ankara and Istanbul have been targeted by several attacks in 2016 carried out by the Daesh terrorists or PKK militants, killing more than 180 people.

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