US President-elect Donald Trump said that Washington should not treat Israel with “total disdain and disrespect.”

The United States must change its policy toward Israel and stop threatening the country with disrespect, US President-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday. “We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect,” Trump stated in a Twitter message. “Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!”


Trump noted that the United States can no longer be called Israel’s friend.

“The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (UN) [resolution]!” he tweeted.

On December 23, the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in a 14-0 vote. The United States was the only country that abstained from the vote and did not use its veto.

The resolution states that Israel should immediately and completely cease all settlement activities on what it calls occupied Palestinian territory. US Department of State spokesperson Mark Toner said Tuesday Washington was not the driving force behind the adoption of the resolution.

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