A Florida man has been arrested for posting what are being interpreted as threats against President-elect Donald Trump on Facebook.

Kevin Keith Krohn, 59, was arrested December 22 for posts like “I’m just glad Obama didn’t take all our gunz! I see a good use for one now,” which he wrote above a picture of Trump that also read “He’s not my president / He’s an enemy of the state,” according to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

He also captioned a photo of a man holding a sniper rifle with “The EXPEDITER of Trump! He will never last long!”

Local law enforcement reported the threats, made in a comment thread about Trump’s plans to spend Christmas at his resort in Palm Beach, to the US Secret Service, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Krohn was arrested at his home in Florida. If he is charged with threatening to take the life of or inflict bodily harm on the president-elect, he could face five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

According to court records, Krohn declared that his statements were protected by the First Amendment, which safeguards free speech. He also become confrontational when asked if he had made threats against Trump, telling the agents who came to his house to go ahead and arrest him. When Krohn would not calm down, they did.

A bond hearing is scheduled for December 29. Krohn has a history of arrests in Broward County, Florida, including for stalking, driving and drug offences, and has served prison time for the latter, the Sun-Sentinel reports. An Ohio man was arrested last month for threatening Trump’s life over Twitter.

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