This 24-year-old girl’s appearance is way different from the fragile beauty standards traditionally admired in Japan. She’s a regular at the gym and is not concerned with the idea of being slim.

Saiki Reika is a mascot model of Japanese professional wrestling league Wrestle-1, and she looks nice, healthy, and ripped.

saiki reika

Wrestle-1 is only one of many Japanese wrestling teams, so it has to think about how to attract a bigger audience. To this end, it decided to create its own group of mascot models called Cheer ♡1.

saiki reika

Saiki is a member of the team, but based on her recent photo uploads on Twitter and her media appearances, Saiki might even be stronger than the pro wrestlers she cheers for.

saiki reika

Now Saiki has thousands of followers in her accounts on Twitter and Instagram and appears in popular Japanese TV shows.

saiki reika saiki reika

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