One hundred activist associated with the AnimaNaturalis animals rights group shed their clothes, doused themselves in fake blood and slumped over each other in a pile in an effort to evoke a heap of carcasses December 11, AFP reports. Some posed inside a representation of a cage.

“This is not elegant” an activist said, asking “how many lives for a coat,” in Spanish.

“We’re here today to give voices to all the animals that are slaughtered for their fur, which is taken away violently… 60 million animals are killed annually by the fur industry,” an activist explained to Ruptly.

“How many lives just for a coat?” a sign held by Luisa Escribano, 53, asked in English. “It is very important to draw attention to what happens to the animals, and which goes largely unnoticed. They suffer and die on farms, but their lives matter for me and my family,” Escribano told AFP.

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