A fire at a military airbase in Syria was caused by an overnight missile strike by Israel, Syrian state media reported Wednesday.

According to Syria’s official SANA news agency, a number of surface-to-surface missiles fired by Israel struck the base — located near Damascus — at 3 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Last week, the Syrian military also claimed that Israeli jets had struck a Syrian military site and an arms convoy — thought to belong to Lebanon’s Hezbollah — near Damascus.

In December of last year, Israeli warplanes are believed to have carried out an airstrike in Damascus that killed Hezbollah commander Samir Kuntar, who in 2008 was released from an Israeli prison after almost 30 years behind bars.

In accordance with its longstanding policy of “strategic ambiguity”, Israel never officially confirmed the strike that killed Kuntar.

Days before last week’s reported airstrikes near Damascus, Israeli forces in the occupied Golan Heights clashed with militants who they said were linked to the Daesh terrorist group.

Shortly afterward, Israel bombed an abandoned UN compound that it said had been used by the militants to stage attacks.

Since the outbreak of Syria’s civil war in 2011, the Israeli army has occasionally struck targets inside Syria, especially after shells were fired from Syrian territory into the Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied since 1967.

SOURCE: Syria’s SANA News Agency

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